About Us

Establishment in the year 2002, we, Dispowear Sterite Company, is a pioneer in disposable surgical wears. Our disposable surgical wear such as disposable surgical drape, disposable surgical gown, disposable surgical apron, woven surgical gown, disposable surgical caps, etc, widely cater to different surgical and operating procedures like angiography, cardiovascular, general, gynecology, neurology, obstetrics, ophthalmic, orthopedic and urology. All our products are hygienically prepared and ensure infection control, our disposable surgical wears are used by operating room personnel.


Spa Disposables

Buy Disposable products online as beauty and salon apparels is a good option that you get with barber syndicate. Our products are of very good quality and can even provide you with all features you need in very cost effective way. You can use and just throw these products.

We are among the popular destinations one can choose for getting the right apparels that can help in making a process or using a product in an easy manner. If one is in need of some disposable products then we give the best disposable products that support grooming.

Hospital Disposables

We provide you Medical Equipment which contains Medical Devices, Hospital Instruments, Health equipments, and Therapy products. Our prime focus is working with professionals, clinics, consumers and hospitals to list quality products which they no longer use so that other health care businesses or individuals can take advantage of at low prices.If you’re looking to sell New or Used Medical Equipments, then dispo wear is the perfect platform.


Spa Candles
Electric Aroma Diffuser
Cotton Operation Towel
Floating Candle
Laminated Blue Disposable Examination Couch Roll
Electric Aroma Air Humidifier
Electric Aroma Diffusers
Maternity Drape
Cotton Medical Surgical Gown
Surgeon Mask
Disposable Comfort Cap
Disposable HIV Kit
Disposable Couch Medical Crepe Paper Roll
Disposable D.S.I. Wrap Round Gown
N – 95 Face Mask
Surgeon Gown
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